Voter Information

Voter Registration

Individuals must be registered to vote at least 29 days prior to an election.

Voter registration for city elections is conducted by the Yuma County Recorder's Office.  Mail-in registration forms (postage paid) are available at the Yuma County Recorder's Office, the City Clerk's Office, and at other locations throughout the community such as the post office and the public library.  Voter registration can also be done online.

Please visit to register to vote or update current voter registration information.

You may also download a printable Arizona Voter Registration Form and turn it into Yuma County Voter Services at 197 S. Main Street, Yuma, AZ 85364.

For Overseas Citizens and Military Voters, please visit

Early Voting

All residents who are registered voters on or before the close of registration for a given election (29 days prior to any election) are eligible to vote early.  Early voting is conducted by the Yuma County Recorder's Office.  Early Ballots may be requested by completing a Request for Early Ballot Form which is mailed prior to each election cycle or by contacting the Yuma County Recorder's Office.

Where is my Precinct?

If you would like to know your precinct, you can visit the Arizona Voter Information Portal.

Additional Information

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Yuma County Recorder's Office at (928) 373-3064 or visiting their Voter and Elections Services page.