Projects Under Construction

Business Incubator:

The business incubator is a 20,000 sq. ft facility under construction located at 415 Industrial Avenue in the San Luis Industrial Park. The business incubator will be able to provide suites for startup and expanding business and create job growth. Project is schedule to be completed by December 2014.

Hidalgo Avenue:

The second phase of Hidalgo Avenue consists of repaving Hidalgo Avenue between Villa and Highway 95. The construction will include sidewalks, curb and gutter and signaling. The construction will enhance the area and relieve congestion in the city traffic. Projects is schedule to start construction on August 22nd and end in December 2014. Only through traffic will be allowed during construction.

San Luis Main Street Improvement:

The projects will improve the circulation of traffic, enhance pedestrian safety and improve access to downtown businesses. The projects are anticipated to begin in spring 2014 and should be completed in approximately eight months, depending on construction phasing.

The Downtown District improvements include:

  • New pavement on Main Street between Urtuzuastegui and D Street
  • Widened sidewalks
  • New curb and gutters
  • Improved drainage
  • New pedestrian crosswalk
  • New parking
  • Raised medians
  • Improved landscaping
  • New street lights and luminaries
  • Handicap access ramps

Project improvements also include:

  • Improved traffic circulation to and from the port of entry.
  • A roundabout at D Street, Urtuzuastegui and US 95 (Main Street).
  • One-way streets on First Avenue and Archibald Street.
  • New streetlights and luminaries.
  • New curb and gutter.
  • New pavement.
  • New and improved signage.