Start A Business


San Luis is an exciting place to start and operate a business. We have many resources to help you get started and be successful. Whether you plan to open a restaurant or an industrial facility, we are ready to help you.

  1. Locate a site- the community development department can assist you in locating a site or a building.
  2. Check your zoning-all businesses need to confirm with the City of San Luis zoning ordinance (link) which describes the legal uses of property in San Luis. Contact the planning and zoning department to check for zoning. Please have the address or location ready.
  3. Hire a professional to develop your plans-As part of the approval process, the City usually requires plans from a licensed or certified professional.
  4. Register your business- the city will require that the business be register with the city in order to do business in San Luis. You can contact the building department for information.
  5. Manage your plan review, permits and inspections- The architect, engineer and building contractor can help you comply with city regulations including developing site plans, elevations and floor plans for submittal. City staff will review your plans to help you comply with City's planning and building codes and ordinance. Once the city has review and approval your plans, you will obtain building permits. City building inspections will be conducted during construction to help you continue to comply with city building codes.
  6. To obtain a timeline for review of plans, obtain a license of schedule inspections, or obtain fees please contact the appropriate department.
  7. You may also obtain assistance for startup business at the Small Business Association website or contact AWC Small Business Development Center for assistance.
  8. The Community Development Department is here to assist you through any of the steps identify above.