Customer Deposits

All customers are required to pay a minimum deposit but not limited to amount listed. Property owners may sign a Customer Deposit Waiver (PDF) to guarantee bill in writing as a 1-time courtesy.

Security Deposits

Consumer accounts upon their establishment and delinquent accounts which have been closed for non-payment, a security deposit is required as follows:

Property TypeWater Meter SizeDeposit Amount
Residential5/8 Inch by 3/4 Inch$250
Commercial5/8 Inch by 3/4 Inch$600
Commercial1 Inch$850
Commercial1 1/2 Inch$1,800
Commercial2 Inch$2,400

Deposit Refund Policy

All deposits may be refunded without interest after 1 year of timely payments for property owners. Any other deposits shall be returned following services being turned off upon demand of the depositor. However, deposit(s) will only be returned after all bills have been satisfied. Any such demand must be made within 60 days of turn off.