Risk Management

About the Department

The Risk Management Department recognizes its role of stewardship over the resources of the city, both human and property. The department works to ensure the safety of its employees, staff, and the public while providing maximum protection to prevent financial loss of city property.

Responsibilities of City Departments & Divisions

Each department director of the city has a responsibility of reviewing his/her own activity with these risk management goals in mind. Whenever a department may appear to be in jeopardy, the department director must report the concern to either management or the Risk Management Department. Specific focus areas include:

  • Environmental health
  • Occupational safety
  • Property loss including personal and real property
  • Safety policies and procedures

Risk Management Program

Risk Management supervises programs in the areas of employee safety, loss prevention, property and casualty. The department minimizes dollar losses through planning, organizing, directing, and controlling resources and activities in the City.

Risk Management also provides investigative services on claims arising out of automobile liability and general liability and monitors Workers' Compensation and related legal expenditures being handled by a third-party administrator.