Campaign Finance Reports

State law requires city and town candidates who receive or expend, in any combination, $500 or more to register as a candidate committee and account for all monies or things of value received and expended by them, their campaign committee or individuals on behalf of a person's candidacy for public office (A.R.S. §16-905 (B)).  For example, if a candidate receives $300 and spends $200, the total amount is $500, and the candidate is required to register as a committee.  Any total combination of contributions or expenditures that remains below $500 does not trigger committee registration.  Political action committees and candidates in non-municipal races must continue to meet a $1,200 threshold before committee registration is triggered ($1,300 on January 1, 2021).

 As a candidate, you must file a Statement of Organization for political committees within ten (10) days of meeting the committee criteria.  All committees are required to file campaign finance reports as required by Title 16, Chapter 6 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.  For additional requirements and restrictions, refer to A.R.S. §16-905 and §16-906.